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The PennDel AHMA Fall Management Conference is Sept. 26-27.

Below are details about our speakers.



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Keynote Speaker

Dennis Budinich, SVP Chief Culture Officer

Dennis is a member of The National Speakers Association and has been a speaker for numerous corporate events and at industry conferences across the country. 

Dennis Budinich

Dennis Budinich

Immediately prior to joining Investors Bank Dennis Budinich co-founded FTC Methods Inc. in 2004, a highly successful professional development and consulting firm which operated primarily in the financial services industry. In his capacity as co-founder, Dennis developed engaging learning programs, and was a highly sought after public speaker, motivator, and educator.

Before co-founding his company, Dennis was recognized as a premier entrepreneur and business leader. He has owned several successful businesses, including a gourmet bread bakery, an auto paint supply company, and a restaurant. He also excelled in the world of financial sales where his achievements carried him to the levels of Top Producer, to Sales Manager, to Program Director.

Throughout his entire career, Dennis has dedicated himself to helping others be their best by sharing with them the most effective success principles and how to apply them. In all of his high-energy learning programs, Dennis shares the information he acquired in the fields of positive psychology and self-science, as well as his personal experiences as a successful financial professional and entrepreneur.