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Sticks and Stones....How to Address Adult Bullying at Your Community Webinar

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It's not just younger residents that are victims of bullying, adult bullying is on the rise, and this aggressive resident behavior is becoming more and more difficult for property management professionals to handle. Not to mention, the Fair Housing risks to management if the situations are not handled in a timely manner. In this informative session, Heather will provide strategies for on-site staff and upper management to successfully identify adult bullying, and how to proactively deal with aggressors and most importantly the victims. She will provide real world examples and offer solutions to ensure that this type of negative behavior is addressed quickly and offer suggestions to lessen the impact of bullying on the health and well-being of your residents. Heather will also offer ideas on how to set-up a no adult bullying campaign and the best way to implement new "no bullying" company and/or property policies.


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