Regional Property Manager

Management Company: JLD Property Management Group, Inc.

Property Name: Corporate Office

Date to Remove Job Post: 11/5/2019

Job Title: Regional Property Manager

Job Description: Summary

The Senior Property Manager is responsible for overseeing the operation and ensuring of fiscally sound, well maintained housing communities and provides leadership and guidance to property staff. An excellent communicator, problem solver, and ability to maximize property performance and meet budgeted goals. 

Essential Duties & Responsibilities:


1. Provides property managers with direction to achieve financial performance goals; actively maintains budgetary control and restraint. 
2. Provides direction regarding staffing/employee issues, consults with human resources. 
3. Assists with development of effective resident services program. 
4. Reviews 504 Reasonable Accommodations requests, approving or denying requests, working with property manager and the requesting resident. 
5. Works with corporate management and site staff on creating plans for preserving the site’s long-term affordability.
6. Represents the site and corporation to public agencies and the community.
7. Provides direction on meditation of all resident issues.
8. Conducts annual performance reviews for direct reports.
9. Provides verbal presentation of site progress. 
10. Provides property manager with written feedback regarding site visits.
11. Hires, trains and mentors property managers in all aspects of operations. Assures company policies are followed in the hiring process.
12. Coordinates all training areas of concern, or of needed improvement. 

1. Stays abreast of all compliance issues and code issues. 
2. Complies with all fair housing laws. 
3. Monitors compliance with HUD, RD, LIHTC rules and regulations.
4. Provides complete and accurate documentation of all HUD, RD, LIHTC requirements. 
5. Ensures compliance with building fire and safety codes. 
6. Ensures compliance with all JLD policies and procedures.
7. Stays abreast and complies with all state tenant/landlord laws. 
8. Ensures compliance with all federal, state, and local laws pertaining to fair housing, ADA, all physical requirements.


1. Meets department benchmarks for occupancy. Coordinates with property managers to write effective marketing plans aimed at achieving and maintaining a minimum 95% occupancy rate. 
2. Reviews and approves all capital expenditures below $1,000.
3. Reviews all service contracts and contracted repairs. 
4. Ensures timely and accurate submission of reports, LIHTC, etc.

Property Management

1. Assesses physical condition of properties, make recommendations for capital needs: keeps owner advised of major maintenance issues/projects.
2. Inspects properties regularly and takes corrective action when necessary.
3. Assures all site staff receives updated training regularly to ensure proficiency.
4. Has site staff shopped at least annualy.
5. All other duties as assigned by President or CFO. 
6. Participates in property management meetings. 
7. Summarizes current concerns and plans of action for improving performance. 
8. Provides written analysis as needed and as requested.
9. Establishes an on-call system to provide repairs and/or assistance 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. 
10. Assists with developing and them monitors all procedures to ensure completeness and timeliness. 
11. Prepares site visit report a minimum of once a quarter. 
12. Walk grounds, vacant units and common areas including assessing signage, lighting and parking surfaces. 
13. Keeps abreast of timeframe of turning units, adjusts performance as needed to achieve 24-hour turnaround.

Job Requirements: Minimum Requirements

1. Working knowledge of federally assisted housing regulations (Section 42, Section 8, Rural Development, HUD Housing). 
2. Excellent verbal, written and presentation skills. 
3. Analytical capability and methodical approach to presenting and interpreting data.
4. Proficiency in MS Office Suite (Word, Excel, PowerPoint) applications.

Certifications Preferred - Spectrum C3P, S.T.A.R., Quadel, NAHMA, ARM, CPM

How to Apply: Please send resume to and include salary requirement in your cover letter.

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