Management Company: JLD Property Management Group, Inc.

Property Name: Corporate Office

Date to Remove Job Post: 12/15/2019

Job Title: Accountant

Job Description: As Accountant, you will work in a management/officer role in a private real estate management and development company. Responsibility for accounting and financial management of the company including property income and expenses, managing operating accounts, making budgetary projections, and financial reports. In addition, you will manage bank accounts and other assets, ensure compliance with regulations and complete other financial management tasks and functions. Your direct supervisor will be the President. External contacts will include on-site staff, USDA, PHFA, and HUD. Internal contacts will be the President, Property Director, Regional Property Manager and Administrative Assistant. 

Essential Functions and responsibilities of the position will include, but not limited to: 
1. Review property incomes and expenses and bring any discrepancies, problems, or questions to Property Manager’s attention.
2. Work with the Property Manager’s to ensure property operating accounts are maintained at a positive level and set up a control system to stabilize cash situations for financially troubled properties. 
3. Monitor property investment needs with the Property Managers and arrange for surplus funds and escrows to be invested on a monthly basis. 
4. Preparation of negative cash reports, interest charges and journal entries. 
5. Control disbursements, review checks for accuracy (i.e. account numbers) and sign checks as needed. 
6. Coordinate the submission of required budget materials to the appropriate regulatory agencies. 
7. Monitor expenses to ensure compatibility with budgeted amounts. Bring any discrepancies or questions to the Property Manager’s attention. 
8. Coordinate the preparation of all year-end materials for auditor review and the submission of tax returns for to the appropriate governmental bodies and work with auditors in preparing year-end audits, tax returns and auditing. 
9. Prepare surplus cash statements and monitor requests for JLD distributions through appropriate Regulatory Agencies. Distribute monies to owners, as authorization is received. 
10. Prepare audit bid letters. Respond to the regulatory agencies when necessary. 
11. Supervise the preparation of monthly financial reports. 
12. Supervise the preparation of special financial reports (i.e. owner’s requests, special reporting requirements.)
13. Review financial reports to ensure report accuracy. 
14. Supervise the report distribution system to ensure proper and timely submission of reports. 
15. Supervise support personnel (i.e. Property Director, Senior Property Manager, Human Resources, Home Office Property Manager and Property Managers.)
16. Perform liaison duties with Regulatory Agencies and Mortgage Companies in regards to financial reports, audits, reserve funding, and mortgage payments. 
17. Review with Property Manager’s status of taxes and escrows. 
18. Review with Property Manager’s the status of insurance premiums and escrows.
19. Coordinate funding of escrows and reserves. 
20. Supervise and ensure proper banking procedures and maintain an ongoing relationship with Banking Institutions. 
21. Ensure that the necessary controls and audit trials are accounted for through the various signature cards and balances. 
22. Invest R/R funds through appropriate Financial Institutions and Mortgage Institutions. 
23. Monitor the timely submission of the monthly Excess Income reports. 
24. Review monthly mortgage payments and sign letters to the respective mortgage companies. 

1. Knowledge and Skills with Excel, Word, Organizational Skills and Office Procedures.
2. Specialized Equipment with include the knowledge of PC Computers, Modems, 10 Key, and Adding Machines. 
3. Must know software such as Microsoft Word (word processing), Excel (spreadsheet), YARDI/QuickBooks.

Core Competencies:
Organization – The ability to organize time, priorities, and schedules. 
1. Organize own time to accomplish goals. 
2. Does not work inordinate amounts of overtime.
3. Prioritizes appropriately in order to accomplish critical tasks first.
Teamwork – The ability to promote and facilitate teamwork and to work as a team member. 
1. Skillfully manipulates situations to reduce or eliminate conflict. 
2. Creates an atmosphere of support, encouragement, and collaboration. 
3. Uncovers common ground for calibration across functions, disciplines, or organizations. 
Communication Skills – The ability to express him or herself clearly, convincingly, and effectively. 
1. Speaks in clear, articulate, fluent manner. 
2. Uses precise direction, good grammar/syntax and well-constructed sentences.
3. Has good volume is easy to understand. 
4. Does not ramble and uses appropriate hand gestures. 
5. Is capable of convincing or persuading others through verbal exchange. 
Written Communication – The ability to express ideas and technical material.
1. Makes clear and concise reports. 
2. Uses correct grammar and syntax.
3. Uses well organized formats, introduction, body, and summary.
4. Uses correct spelling and easily understood. 
5. Uses written communication appropriately when providing/documenting procedures. 
Physical Requirements
1. Ability to sit for up to 8 hours at a time.
2. Ability to lift up to 25 pounds unassisted. 
3. Use of hands and arms to use a computer keyboard, adding machine and calculator.
4. Able to walk, climb stairs, stand or squat.

Job Requirements: Must know Yardi software.

How to Apply: Please send resume to

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