Asset Manager (Housing Compliance)

Management Company: Pennsylvania Multifamily Asset Managers

Date to Remove Job Post: 3/1/2019

Job Title: Asset Manager (Housing Compliance)

Job Description: The Housing Compliance Manager is responsible for conducting the on-site Management and Occupancy Reviews (MORs) for assigned properties, using the Form HUD-9834 and providing follow-up monitoring of properties to ensure all findings are mitigated and owner/agent is in compliance with HUD requirements.

Essential Duties & Responsibilities :

• Schedules and notifies owners/agents of upcoming Management & Occupancy Review (MOR) dates. 
• Conducts a desk review of all relevant data related to the property prior to conducting the on-site review.
• Conducts on-site MORs including the Fair Housing and Equal Opportunity (FHEO) checklist, of assigned projects to verify compliance with HUD regulations and requirements regarding occupancy issues. 
• Conducts between 5-10 on-site reviews per month. 
• Determine whether Exigent Health and Safety deficiencies from the last REAC inspection have been corrected.
• Reviews owner/management compliance with Enterprise Income Verification System (EIV) requirements at time of MOR as specified in HUD regulations and/or HUD Handbook 4350.3.
• Conducts analysis of information gathered during MOR and completes HUD Form-9834 Management Review Report describing conditions, criteria, cause, effect and corrective actions using the in-house program management and applications database. 
• Documents identified conditions in a written report by a specific deadline.
• Responds to correspondence from owners/agents describing corrective actions within a required timeframe. Follows up and monitors corrective action until all findings have been closed. Refer disputed corrective actions and rating appeals to Director/Managing Director.
• Responsible for accurate and timely updates to the in-house program management and applications database.
• Assist in the training of new Housing Compliance Managers.
• Assists other Housing Compliance Managers in the completion of MORs for larger or troubled properties and/or filling in for other Housing Compliance Managers as needed. 
• Responsible for providing technical guidance and answers to Owner/Agent phone calls and/or emails regarding HUD occupancy requirements, including guidance on HUD Handbook 4350.3, all HUD Notices, and other HUD requirements. Must stay informed and updated of all new HUD regulations related to Section 8 Project Based Housing Programs.
• Maintains a positive relationship with owners/agents and managers of Section 8 properties, tenants, HUD and the general public.
• Completes work professionally, with attention to accuracy, thoroughness, technical knowledge, timeliness, and with the skills necessary to efficiently and effectively complete assigned tasks.
• Research and interpret HUD policies, procedures, regulations and other legal documents as they pertain to performance of Management and Occupancy Reviews.
• Ability to analyze situation and determine if program requirements were met.
• Participate in industry training at conferences and on occasion, serve as a presenter and subject matter expert.
• Other duties or assignments as needed when requested by management

Job Requirements: 
• Ability to explain program requirements to owners/agents, managers and tenants if needed.
• Ability to interface with the public and communicate effectively and assertively with individuals, and in groups with internal contacts, tenants, property owners, and other external contacts as appropriate.
• Ability to effectively write letters, reports, procedures, maintain documentation and complete required forms.
• Experience and education must demonstrate meticulous attention to detail with the ability to outline, organize and establish priorities for work and maintain productivity while working alone with limited supervision.
• Ability to handle constructive criticism and learn from quality control edits.
Technical/Computer Skills:
• Ability and knowledge of database systems, Microsoft Word, Excel, Outlook or other emails, etc. 
• Ability to learn and operate in-house program management and applications database.
• Ability to use office equipment including but not limited to copiers, fax machines, scanners, printers, digital cameras and telephones.

Education/Professional Experience Qualifications:
• Bachelor’s degree in Business, Finance, or related field preferred. Company may consider relevant experience as a substitute for some or all of a Bachelor’s degree requirement. 
• Certified Occupancy Specialist or equivalent is required.
• Knowledge of the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) regulations and the ability to interpret these regulations for Public Housing, Section 8, RAD and LIHTC programs.
• Five years of progressively responsible property management experience working with multifamily project-based Section 8 properties preferred. At least 2 years of experience as a Regional Property Manager.
• Must possess an automobile and must possess or be able to obtain prior to employment a valid driver’s license.
• Must be available and able to travel.

How to Apply:

Any Other Details to Post: Please submit resume AND cover letter.

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