Property Manager

Date to Remove Job Post: 12/31/2017

Job Title: Property Manager

Job Description: Property Management company looking for a dynamic and detailed person to effectively manage, market and maintain the excellence of this community.
The Property Manager is responsible for all operational and financial aspects of a property and meeting company goals in those areas. Results are achieved by facilitating excellent performance in managing the property in areas such as personnel management, leasing, collections, resident services, maintenance, revenue enhancement, information reporting and compliance with all applicable laws and company policies. This position operates within and contributes to an environment in compliance with Fair Housing laws and Equal Employment Opportunity.

Job Requirements: The successful candidate for this position must possess the following list of skills and qualifications:
· Be skilled in the use of computers and software applications, esp. Excel, Outlook, and One Site.
· Excellent interpersonal skills and must be able to establish effective relationships with the public, residents, subcontractors, and co-workers.
· Must have previous property management experience and must possess solid knowledge of property management functions. HUD experience is preferred.
· Must understand Fair Housing regulations and be able to achieve industry specific certifications
· Must have at least a high school diploma.
· Have excellent leadership, organizational, and communication skills

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